Senior accountant

Widy Matulik



Working at Ganer + Ganer for 12 years. I have experience in payroll, sales, corporate, partnership, non-profit, and individual tax returns. I have audit experience, mostly with non-profit, but I also have worked on co-op (homeowner's association) and nonpublic company audits. 

Professional Passion

I love that even though I have been in the industry for 12 years, that I continue to keep learning and growing in my field. This makes the work more interesting, and something that I look forward to doing. I'm a problem solver, and I love to help people, which fits well in what I do. 



Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, State University of New York at Binghamton 2003.

Working on passing the CPA exam.


I love food, so I love trying out new restaurants and finding new recipes to try at home. When I'm not cooking, I love to read (mostly fiction), catch up on shows I have on the DVR, and take my daughter to her various mommy and me classes (I am already a tiger mom, and she's only 5). 


Personal Mission Statement

Always strive to do your best in whatever you do, for your effort is a reflection of you.